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Calling all Activists And Hacktivist
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Today In protest of the FCC's possible decision to abolish Net Neutrality, which would allow Internet Service Providers to slow service for content on the Internet and charge more at will for access at full broadband speeds 170+ companies have chosen to demonstrate what abolishing Net Neutrality would be like. In simple terms, things like Youtube and Spotify will cost a premium fee to be enjoyed at the speed you enjoy them today. This is tentatively being called "Blackout Day"
***You Can Make Your Voice Heard Too!***
With the help of several several people, a list of email addresses has been compiled of Companies and Governmental Agencies that are at the crux of the not only decision of whether or not Net Neutrality remains law, but also that we don't ever see U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's Orwellian Fantasies of making the Internet "Big Brother" and Bombing Hackers realized. If you are unable to email, feel free to call your Representatives! This Operation was Intentionally Designed so that Everyone, No matter their Level of Technical Ability Can Participate!
#Anonymous #opBlackout
Text Resist to 50409:
when prompted write your letter with the subject line Net Neutrality. Your congressman and senators will receive a fax and you will receive confirmation. You may do this everyday until the vote. It's simple and free
Net Neutrality Protest Email Target List:
Additional Net Neutrality Email Targets:
U.K. Mainstream Media Email addresses:
US Congressman Search:
U.K. Parliament Search: (near the bottom of the page)
Net Neutrality Wikipedia:
Article Regarding the Protests:…/websites-net-neutrality-protest/…/websites-net-neutrality-protest/
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